12 Feb, 2022    
Self Diagnosis

Self Diagnosis: What to do, what not to do, & the risks of Google!

  20 Jul, 2021    
The LGBTQAI+ community & mental health

"The pain associated with the social stigma of being LGBTQ, of living in a culture that, for the most part, is homophobic and heterosexist, is traumatic."

  09 Jul, 2021    
Mental Health during the COVID Pandemic

To say pandemics can be stressful would be an understatement . You might have experienced increased stress during lockdown. Stress, anxiety, insomania, fear about the uncertainty associated with future, being overwhelmed, mood swings etc

  01 Jul, 2021    
What is Passion? How do you find your passion?

Passion is a feeling of intense enthusiasm Or compelling desire for someone Or something. A strong, deep and barely controllable emotion.

  30 Jun, 2021    
Why Mental Health is Important?

We are so affected if we see a pimple on our face, an extra pound or the chubby cheeks growing. We are so concerned about our physical health.

  29 Jun, 2021    
Stress vs Anxiety - They are NOT the same

Most people experience stress and anxiety at some point in their lives. Depending on the level of severity, they can detrimentally impact one's quality of life.

  06 Jun, 2021    
Are Mood swings real? How do you handle them?

Do you also think that few things could have been easier and a little less complicated if mood swings didn't exist and even if it does then we should have told how to deal with it?

  11 May, 2021    
Work from home vs Work from office?

The topic is still heated. The debate is still on!
Work from home or work from office?

  17 Apr, 2021    
What did 2021 teach us?

In case you didn't realise, know before 2021 ends.
2021 taught us almost every household chores.
2021 made us fall in love with ludo all over again.

  22 Mar, 2021    
How do you know social anxiety is a thing?

Did you know social anxiety is a thing? What is social anxiety.
A chronic mental health condition in which social interactions cause irrational anxiety.

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