11 May, 2021
Work from home vs Work from office?

The topic is still heated. The debate is still on!

Work from home or work from office?

Both have its own perks and disadvantages. And it is our human nature that leaves us unsatisfied always. I remember back in 2019 I've heard people crying for having a "robotic" 9-5 life. So here we are in 2020 with a bliss of work from home. But is it actually a bliss?

It may or may not be. But this is what we all once wished, to wake up 5 minutes before the meeting and change the shirt with pjs and attend the meeting. Or to be able to perform multitasking- cook and attend a meeting simultaneously. Let's broaden this topic and discuss about merits and demerits of work from home.

Advantages - Disadvantages

If we try to look at the bright side then there are numerous reasons why work from home is a boon for us. For an instance, with this change in weather we can work pjs , do household chores and still be less stressed. The flexibility and agility provided by working from home let employees meet certain business needs . The increase in productivity ,convenience and financial benefits cannot be neglected. And the best part of working from home is that it feels like a break from the office even though staff are still working. And this new scheme is quite amazing for a change in the working pattern.

Disadvantages - But a harsh reality is that home is not always a very happy place for everybody which can be a demerit. Home can also be centre of abuse. Some people are used to working in office environment ,hence, they might be feeling apprehensive sometimes. This may lead to negative impact on one's mental health which surely is a matter of concern for companies and individuals. The cost of setting up work environment at home can be counted as a demerit as well. Working from home suits some personality types but not all.

While you sit at home and enjoy doing work you can be irritated too. Whereas if you go to office for work you can be stressed. Which is why it's never easy to stick to one option, whether it's work from home or from office because of which this particular issue remains a topic of discussion today, tomorrow and forever. Because just like your personality your choice differs too.

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