Are Mood swings real? How do you handle them?
  06 Jun, 2021    

Do you also think that few things could have been easier and a little less complicated if mood swings didn't exist and even if it does then we should have told how to deal with it? How to have patience while having mood swings as well as how to be patient with someone who's having mood swings.

Well, "Mood swings" is a common term used to describe rapid and intensely fluctuating emotions. People often describe mood swings as a roller coaster of feelings. It's mostly triggered because of known cause or unknown cause such as internal changes that take place throughout our lives influence our mood, but it's not just what's happening inside that determines how we feel; we also respond to what's happening around us. External changes to our lives and in our environments, such as increased stress at home, school, or work, can also influence our emotions. Certain people or things also seem to take control over our mood. But on top of everything mood swings are normal and there's a very thin line between normal mood swings and not-so-normal. It's normal until it's not affecting you and your life as well as your surrounding. Your diet, sleeping pattern, hormones are most common reasons of your change in mood. It can be challenging to deal with, especially if they interfere with your day-to-day life, school or work, and your relationships. To better manage and cope with these changes in mood, you may want to experiment with different approaches, such as:

- Getting regular exercise.

- Making changes to your diet.

- Learning stress management techniques.

- Adjusting your nightly routine to improve sleep.

- Excuse yourself from situations that's triggering.

- Do something that you love which will make you feel better.

And always remember, while some degree of variation in mood is just a part of life, they shouldn't interfere with the quality of your life. If your mood swings don't improve or get worse, be sure to let your doctor know.

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