What did 2021 teach us?
  17 Apr, 2021    

In case you didn't realise, know before 2021 ends.

- 2021 taught us almost every household chores.

- 2021 made us fall in love with ludo all over again.

- 2021 gave us the time to binge watch until we got bored.

- 2021 gave us a cleaner environment.

- 2021 gave us the time to strengthen our relationships.

- 2021 helped us grow by going under some serious self introspection.

- 2021 changed us all.

- 2021 taught us to be hopeful.

Indeed, 2021 was one of the most iconic time period and despite all the odds 2021 changed our perspective and taught us to look for the light even at the darkest tunnel.

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