How do you know social anxiety is a thing?
  22 Mar, 2021    

Did you know social anxiety is a thing?

What is social anxiety-

A chronic mental health condition in which social interactions cause irrational anxiety.

When Does It Happen-
Talking to strangers.
Speaking in public.
Making an eye contact.
Entering rooms.
Using public restrooms.
Going to parties.
Eating in front of other people.
Going to school or work or crowded place.
Starting conversations.
Being centre of attention.
Being judged in social interactions.

How does it feel like-
Rapid heartbeat.
Muscle tension.
Dizziness and lightheadedness.
Stomach trouble and diarrhea.
Inability to catch breath.
'Out-of-body' sensation.
Difficult speaking.

How It Affects Your Life-
Low self-esteem.
Negative thoughts.
Sensitivity to criticism.
One becomes antisocial.

However, social anxiety disorder is treatable. Talking therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), medications etc. can help people overcome their symptoms. You can always seek help. ALWAYS.


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